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Welcome to CII Entertainment


We are always hiring for Adult Entertainers to join our team.

  • You get Discreet, Professional, Safe, and Fun environment.
  • Your safety is our number 1 priority, and we honestly care about you and your financial goals!
  • Perks include great tips, meet exciting people, and make appreciable amounts of money!

No experience necessary to earn thousands per week.

We offer you an excellent opportunity to start working in the adult industry. Our industry allows Stripper Jobs/ Adult Entertainment to entertain our clients. The best part of what we offer is we are very flexible and work around your schedule. You work on your own time and, more importantly, you are your own boss. We provide you with the clients and the rest is up to you. Give it your best shot! We are here to help reach your goals and build more confidence. Be free and embrace the unique essence of being an independent, sexy woman! You can make a lot of money in the adult industry when you have someone to show you the ropes! There’s no better company to work for because CII Entertainment is simply above all the rest. If you are curious about stripper jobs, exotic entertainers, or any adult jobs we can help you earn through your looks, feminity, and wit! If you are daring enough, this will include porn jobs that give you more options and financial freedom. If we can’t help you, we probably know someone who can. We have been in the business for 20 years so we know our way around the scene; let our experience help you make money and be known in the adult industry.

We are Hiring :
Private Strippers and Webcam Models
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What are the requirements ?

1.Must be over 18 years old. You’ll be required to show ID. We want to keep your earnings steady, so let’s keep things legal and safe!

2.Must be attractive inside and out; we’re not looking for skinny, or supermodel sexy. We’re more than comfortable with natural curves!

3.Possess a good work ethic. Committing to schedules is your key to success. Give us your schedule that your 100% capable of meeting!

4.Have means to move. You’ve got to have your own wheels to keep yourself and your stripper accessories safe and mobile!

5.No Experience Necessary- the great part of stripper job is that no skills are required.

6. Must be willing to follow all state and city laws. Hey, laws are there to protect you, and following them is for your best interest!

If interested in getting a stripper job, or any reliable adult job please apply online. Trust us. There is no better place to work for that has your safety, security, and financial stability in mind. We pride ourselves on being legit, honest and professional.

Exotic Entertainer Benefits

Its takes a special woman to perform adult entertainment and here are the benefits if you can:

1. Earnings up to 1000- 3500 per week this depends on your look and availability. Watch your lifestyle change instantly!

2. No more endless hours of pitching – we’ll throw customers your way. All you have to do is perform, be nice, and give your 100%!

3.Work at your own pace and your own time – we’re available 24/7, and always have customers looking for you.

4.You’re working with an all-female goal-oriented team –you’re more than just a worker. Our goal is for everyone to feel like family.

5.Work as much as you want – there is no limit to your income!

6.Regular and New Clientele that tip extremely well – great money to be made!

7. Start your career now! Sign up with us and change your life today!

Who should apply, what if I never done this before?

No worries if you’ve never done this! We’re here to guide you to success. We are always looking for talent and we offer a wide range of adult entertainers to our customers. Soccer Moms, College Students, Waitresses, Single Moms, Strippers, and Career Professionals.It doesn’t matter what you do in life or for a living. If you have the looks and the passion for providing the best in adult entertainment satisfaction, we can work with you!

If you are motivated, ambitious, have a flexible Apply Here.

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